March 20th-22nd in Lyndora, Pennsylvania
Event Code: 2,697,033
Event Lead: Alex Wreschnig

COSCON is a three-day convention run by the Circle of Swords Gaming Guild, and is one of our two highest-attendance conventions of the year. It usually features a multi-table special on the Saturday of the convention.

Game Masters

GM Boon

Each GM must sign up to run a minimum of one table to receive a GM boon. Which boon you get depends on the system you run; Pathfinder 1e and Starfinder games run earn you a race boon, although if you run games of both, you must pick one. If you run games of Pathfinder 2e, you gain additional Achievement Points for each game, but do not get a race boon. (You can still earn a single race boon for either Pathfinder 1e or Starfinder.)


The Circle of Swords organization provides 5 Cosbucks for each table you run of any system, not just Pathfinder or Starfinder. If you run three or more tables, instead of fifteen of your Cosbucks, you receive free admission. Cosbucks can be redeemed at any of the vendors or with the caterer.

For New GMs

We’ve put together a Convention GM Guide to help acquaint you with what it takes to run games at one of our conventions. If you’ve GMed for us before, you’ll want to skim it–if you’re a new GM, or if you haven’t GMed at one of our local cons, please make sure to read it!

For our GMs, we aim to provide a packet with:

  • Your name (in case you forget)
  • These instructions
  • Rosters for each of the games you’ve signed up for
  • A GM boon, if you’ve earned one
  • Cosbucks (see above) if you’re GMing a number of tables that’s not three.
    • these are frequently handed out later, depending on availability


We need your help! For this convention, like we’ve had for some of our larger conventions, we have a dedicated volunteer at the Headquarters (HQ) table every slot. The responsibilities are pretty simple, but someone needs to do them, and that could be you! You would get GM-equivalent rewards for doing helping out.

Please email Alex if you want to help!


Important Dates TBD

  • 2020/03/20 COSCON 2020!