Where to Play

Pathfinder Society in Pittsburgh is played in a few in-person locations every month, as well as at conventions in the area. In order to register to play games at the regularly scheduled events, please sign up for Warhorn and join the Pittsburgh Organized Play group. Other occasional events and conventions are not listed below; for updates, check the news page.

Most Games Are Currently Online

We’re scheduling a limited number of in-person games, but we’re still running as many games as we can online.

Learn more about playing games online with us!

Event Codes and Premier Events

Event codes last updated February 1st, 2022

For 2022, we have three main “events.” Each of these events has two versions on the Paizo website, and therefor two event codes: a regular event code and a “premier” event code that grants extra Achievement Points. Each premier event is only available one quarter a year, during the time listed next to the premier event code.

What’s a Premier event code?

GASP Games Day

GASP Games Day is the primary venue for Organized Play games in the Pittsburgh region. The games days typically happen on the second Saturday of each month, but check the calendar—they sometimes need to move the event to a different Saturday to accommodate a holiday or another event at the church.

Location and Website

Baldwin Community United Methodist Church
5001 Baptist Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15236

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Admission: $15 per person plus a snack; admission is waived for your first month.
Parking: Park at Caste Village Shopping Center across the street. You can park at the church’s parking lot, but they have events starting at 5:30 and we have to be out of the lot by then. It’s easier to park at the mall.
Getting in the door: From the mall parking lot, cross Baptist Road to get to the church. Enter the church through the Asbury Hall entrance (at ground level, to the left of the outside stairs). You should be in a short hallway with a coat rack to the left. Go to the end of this hallway, and turn right to go down the steps. You’ll see a big room to the left, and that’s the area GASP has rented out.
Food: Panera, Little Caesar’s Pizza, and others. For a complete listing, see the Caste Village Shopping Center site. There is also a snack area in the kitchen. If you bring snacks to share, you may get snacks from there.


We’re starting to run games at GameMasters in 2023!

Location and Website

398 Perry Hwy
Pittsburgh, PA 15229

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Admission: $5 per person. the $15 minimum is only if you are using a card
Parking: Ample parking is available adjacent to the building
Food: McDonalds, Taco Bell, and KFC are within walking distance. Several more places are nearby. Outside food is allowed.

Phantom of the Attic, Greentree

Phantom has been a stable host for us, but due to limited attendance, we’re only scheduling games here sporadically.

Location and Website

2351 Noblestown Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
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Admission: Free! (But do consider shopping while you’re here.)
Parking: Free, at the parking lot.
Food: Phantom has a small amount of snacks but does not sell meals. Numerous restaurants and fast-food places are close by, with the closest being a Subway and a Taco Bell.

Heroes Ink

Heroes Ink has been a stable host for us, but due to limited attendance, we’re only scheduling games here sporadically.

Location and Website

6080 Steubenville Pike Ste 703
Mc Kees Rocks, PA 15136-1398
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Admission: Free. (But consider buying something while you’re there!)
Parking: Free. Available out front.
Food: Snacks and beverages available in house. In walking distance: China City, Fox’s Pizza, Downey’s House, Fuji’s Sushi and Grill. Also Ridge at Robinson and Robinson Mall are down the street which has a lot more choices.

Previous Locations

Victory Pointe

Victory Pointe is a gaming cafe/lounge in Pittsburgh’s South Side. They have a wide variety of games on the first floor. They used to have other video- and board-games available on the second floor, where they hosted video game tournaments and tabletop roleplaying games. During the pandemic, they were forced to give up their second floor, and without that event space, they don’t have anywhere to put us!

Location and Website

1113 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA. 15203
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Admission: Free! (But do consider ordering something from their cafe.) Access to the other (non-Pathfinder) games is sold separately.
Parking: Free, in the bank’s parking lot across the street. (As far as we are aware, this is Sundays only.) On-street parking is also available throughout the South Side.
Getting in the door: Victory Pointe has two spaces in the prominently-labeled Ukrainian Club building. The ground floor has arcade games and a cafe. Stairs to the second floor are to the left of the ground floor. (If leaving the ground floor, go right.) You’ll see signs for a yoga studio as well. When you get to the first landing, make a right.
Physical Accessibility: Games take place on the second floor, which is only accessible via stairs. No elevator access is available.
Food: Victory Pointe sells beverages (coffee etc.), milkshakes, and ice cream. There are also innumerable bars, restaurants, and the like nearby.

New Dimension Comics

A comics, toys, and games store in Century III mall.

Location and Website

Century III Mall
3075 Clairton Rd #940
West Mifflin, PA, US 15123
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Admission: TBD
Parking: Century III mall parking
Getting in the door: Entry from the mall
Food: Century III mall food court?
Event Code: TBD