Southwest Pennsylvania is home to a number of gaming conventions year-round, and the Pittsburgh Pathfinder Society group will be in attendance at many of them!

Upcoming Conventions

COSCON 30 / 2018

March 16-18 in Butler, Pennsylvania

COSCON 30 is a moderately-sized three-day convention run by the Circle of Swords gaming guild in Butler. COSCON is our most-attended convention of the year, and we plan on running a major multi-table special, Assault on Absalom, on Saturday!

COSCON registration discounts end March 4th, 2018.

SIBCON 30 / 2018

September 7-9 in Butler, Pennsylvania

SIBCON is a three-day convention run by the Circle of Swords Gaming Guild, and is our second-most-attended convention of the year. It usually features a multi-table special on the Saturday of the convention. Circle of Swords has announced the date but other information is not yet available.

Rock-Con 2018

If Rock-Con 2017 has a sequel, we expect to be there. No information is available right now, however.

Past Conventions

Previous COSCONs and SIBCONs

Pathfinder Society has been attending COSCON and SIBCON for several years, and we expect to continue to do so for years to come.

Rock-Con 2017

Warhorn Registration


Pathfinder Society attended GASPCon when it was a going concern. The convention was canceled when it lost the venue a couple of years ago. GASP leadership has announced that GASP Con is unlikely to continue as a large convention, but there may be a multi-day gaming event to carry on the tradition in 2018.

VictoryCon 2016

More information on VictoryCon 2016 is available at our VictoryCon page.