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Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for August 2018

August has been keeping us busy with convention planning–and not all of it is for Gencon, either. SIBCON is coming up this September! Tables are starting to fill–sign up to play today! This month brings with it some new scenarios, including the first scenario of Season 10, as well as some old favorites. The biggest […] Read More

SIBCON registration is open. Sign up for games today!

Registration for SIBCON 23 is open! We’ve got our games live and once you’re approved, you’ll be able to sign up to play and GM a wide selection of Pathfinder and Starfinder adventures. The special for this year’s SIBCON is Version C of #8-99 The Solstice Scar. You should go sign up now, before the games you […] Read More

Heads-Up: Set your new Warhorn timezone

Some of you may be looking at our Warhorn listings in confusion. Victory Pointe at 11:00 AM? GASP starting at 7:00 in the morning? No, we didn’t suddenly change all the times of our games. Instead, Warhorn has just introduced a new user timezone feature. They have also set a default timezone of pacific time […] Read More

Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for July 2018

This update brings with it our schedule for July, and with it comes some Free RPG Day fun! We were thrilled to see many of you come out for our game of #8-99-B The Solstice Scar! This was our first run of a multi-table special at GASP, and was written by one of our own […] Read More

Paizo releases a new Concordance faction pin

Tonya posted an announcement about the Concordance faction pin, which has apparently debuted at Paizocon. We’ve updated our list of faction pin benefits accordingly. There are no changes to existing faction pins […] Read More

June PFS and SFS: A Special at GASP and more

Summer brings with it a Special: the news of the month is that we’re going to be running 8-99-B at GASP in June! Make sure to sign up to reserve a spot. We strongly, strongly suggest posting at least the level of the character you would like to play in advance so everyone can start […] Read More

Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for May 2018

Welcome to the depths of winter frozen spring tundra from your friendly local Pathfinder Society! We’re looking ahead to May, now, and GASP as always has this month’s two new scenarios. Scourge of the Farheavens, the 1-5, takes place in remote Iobaria and has Sarkorian overtones. Clash in Kaimuko Wood concludes this year’s Silver Crusade […] Read More

Paizo’s Pathfinder Playtest Preorder Proceeds as Planned!

Hey everyone! The preorder for the play test materials has finally started! If you were looking to get a first taste of the new rule set, or maybe play or run the Playtest Adventure, you have until May 1st to get your order in on the Paizo Website […] Read More

Additional Resources updated

March finally brings an end to the ‘No Updated Additional Resources’ blues! The major updates are as follows: Book of the Damned and Ultimate Wilderness have been Sanctioned, including the Shifter class! The player companion People of the Wastes has some new legal options! New options for Gillmen and Merfolk from Advanced Race Guide have been […] Read More

Upcoming FAQs: Songbirds and Snowballs

A quick note from John Compton was posted regarding some upcoming FAQs and campaign clarifications: the Ring of Many Colors has been campaign-errata’d, and the Snowball spell is being updated in the campaign to the new version, with some caveats. Characters using either of these options (probably the Snowball spell) will need to plan a […] Read More

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