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Resource update: Archives of Nethys is moving, and has launched a Starfinder database

Many of us use online resources, typically the Archives of Nethys database and the d20pfsrd site. We’ve heard some important news on the Archives of Nethys front: Archives of Nethys has launched a Starfinder database Blake, the maintainer of the Archives of Nethys, posted: [Archives of Nethys: Starfinder is] not quite done. I severely underestimated […] Read more

Humble Book Bundle Features Pathfinder and Pathfinder Society!

Thanks to the latest Humble Book Bundle, announced today, you have 13 days (plus some) to pay a low low cost for big set of Pathfinder books, modules, scenarios, and comics! While there’s a lot of good stuff in here—core books, Worldscape, maps—this bundle also nets you a number of scenarios, including every scenario from […] Read more