PFS1 Specials, Stars, and Table Requirements

Our last update to this list was August 14th, 2023. At this time, the remaining single-table specials were released to be run by anyone at any time. The previous rules are listed here for historical reasons.

While this list was once critically important because the information was not shared even among the volunteers, the Venture Officer corps now has access to an up-to-date source of information describing the current rules; we’ll try to keep this public list reasonably current, but make sure to ask your friendly local Venture Officer for an update if you have any questions. They have access to the actual official list!

Specials for Other Systems

Multi-Table Interactive Specials

These scenarios may be run anywhere if they meet the listed table minimum, are playing the scenario simultaneously, and are in contact with each other. Previously, some multi-table interactives needed to be run at conventions; this requirement has been removed for these games as of May 12th 2021.

For purposes of qualifying for these specials, you may add both Standard and Core tables add together. For example, if you had 3 Standard tables and 1 Core table for Race for the Runecarved Key, that would qualify as the 4 total tables you need to run the scenario.

Also as of May 12th, 2021, RVC approval is no longer required to schedule a multi-table interactive. It is still considered best practice to communicate with your RVC when scheduling, however.

3 Tables

4 Tables

5 Tables

6 Tables

Released to Wider Play

These specials were once restricted, but as of August 14th, 2023, they are available to be run by anyone at any time.

The Bonekeep Series

These were previously restricted to be run by 4+ star GMs, any Venture Officer, or anyone at a convention. They have a strict time limit and could not be run in Play-by-Post until an update on April 8th, 2022. That update reads:

As of 4/8/22, the Bonekeep specials may be run as part of Play-by-post events, subject to the same rules as any other convention. To account for the play-by-post nature of the event, GMs should only run their players through up to half of the encounters, either chosen by the GM at the start or decided based on their players’ actions. Players can only earn up to half of the maximum gold on the chronicle sheet.

Other Specials

These were previously restricted to GMs with 4 (or for #6-99, 5) stars. They are now open to be run by anyone at any time.

Past Specials

Not all specials stay that way. In particular, 2-EX, 3-EX, and 4-EX have all been re-released as mundane scenarios over time. If those scenarios were run prior to their rerelease date, they count as specials for purposes of qualifying for your 5th GM star. According to a post on the Paizo forums, those scenarios were re-released on the following dates: