PFS1 Specials, Stars, and Table Requirements

Our last bulk update from Tonya was from April 29th, 2019. Siege of Gallowspire added 2019-08-06. Due to the end of support for Pathfinder Society 1st Edition, we expect there to be very few changes or updates to this page in the future. This is obviously not the authoritative source; check or with campaign leadership to confirm the current Special rules.

Requirement: 4+ star GM, or any Venture Officer, at any time

These scenarios may be run by any 4-star or 5-star GM or a Venture-Officer at any time. They also may be run by anybody at a convention. Any convention may schedule Bonekeep, as there are no table minimums.

* The Bonekeep series must be run in real time due to the time constraints that are a critical part of each scenario, and cannot be run in a play-by-post environment.

Requirement: 4+ star GM, at any time

These scenarios may be run anywhere, but only by 4-star and 5-star GMs (and ONLY them—Venture-Officers may only run them if they meet this requirement. VCs get a +2 and VLs a +1 to their star rating to meet this requirement).

Requirement: 5 star GM

This scenario may be run anywhere but only by 5-star GMs (and ONLY them…Venture-Officers may only run it if they meet this requirement. VCs get a +2 and VLs a +1 to their star rating to meet this requirement).

Multi-Table Interactive Specials

These scenarios may be run anywhere if they meet the listed table minimum, are playing the scenario simultaneously, and are in contact with each other.

For purposes of qualifying for these specials, you may add both Standard and Core tables add together. For example, if you had 3 Standard tables and 1 Core table for Race for the Runecarved Key, that would qualify as the 4 total tables you need to run the scenario.

Recent specials often require RVC approval to schedule. Discuss scheduling with your RVC to confirm which specials require special approval.

3 Tables

4 Tables

5 Tables

6 Tables

Past Specials

Not all specials stay that way. In particular, 2-EX, 3-EX, and 4-EX have all been re-released as mundane scenarios over time. If those scenarios were run prior to their rerelease date, they count as specials for purposes of qualifying for your 5th GM star. According to a post on the Paizo forums, those scenarios were re-released on the following dates: