Announcing the COSCON 2020 PFS/SFS Schedule

The PFS1, PFS2, and SFS schedule for COSCON 2020 is live! Go sign up. No, really!

Like we did at SIBCON, we’ll be supporting all three Paizo systems: PFS1, PFS2, and Starfinder. With the recent changes in the campaign, we’re not sure what the final distribution will be, so don’t be surprised if the lineup changes a little bit between now and March 20th.

This year’s multi-table interactive special we’re running is Starfinder 2-00, Fate of the Scoured God. This is our first Starfinder special, and it’s even playable once in each subtier (level 1-4, level 5-8, and level 9-12).

(If you prefer your fantasy to avoid sci-fi themes, don’t worry–we’ll be planning on running a PFS2 special at SIBCON in September.)

One small change to be aware of is that we’re also moving the Sunday afternoon slot a half-hour earlier to make sure we can depart the venue on time.

Besides the SFS special, we’ve got other unique content lined up. Tim Broadwater has volunteered to run a table of the Fall of Plaguestone adventure, a Pathfinder 2 module, which will be running all day Friday. Shannon Spear has also volunteered to run a table of The Ruins of Bonekeep, Part 1, a high-difficulty, high-reward scenario for Pathfinder 1. That adventure takes place on Friday evening, but the slot starts a half-hour early to give players time to get settled!

Like we have for the past several years, we’re going to need GMs and volunteers. Help out your community and make games happen! We’re also accepting volunteers for the HQ table, like we did at SIBCON in September.

If you have any questions, email Alex, or check out our COSCON 2020 page!

Register today!

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