March 19th-21st Online! in Lyndora, Pennsylvania
Event Code: 2,703,432
Event Lead: Alex Wreschnig

COSCON is a three-day convention run by the Circle of Swords Gaming Guild, and is one of our two highest-attendance conventions of the year. It usually features a multi-table special on the Saturday of the convention. The 2021 convention has migrated online, and we hope to see you there!

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Changes for this Convention

For our veteran attendees, sometimes it’s faster to look for what’s different at this particular convention. This year with the move online, things are a little odd:

  • Attendance is free! The convention organizers are suggesting a donation to Warhorn in lieu of collecting a registration fee.
  • Everything’s online! The game will be organized on a Discord server.
  • No charity boons this year
  • The convention is using the same time slots as in a physical convention.

Game Masters

GM Boon

Each GM must sign up to run a minimum of one table to receive a GM boon. Which boon you get depends on the system you run; Pathfinder 1e and Starfinder games run earn you a race boon, although if you run games of both, you must pick one. If you run games of Pathfinder 2e, you gain additional Achievement Points for each game, but do not get a race boon. (You can still earn a single race boon for either Pathfinder 1e or Starfinder.)


Alas, no Cosbucks this year.

For New GMs

We’re working on some materials for new online GMs. For now, we’ll point you to the Guide to Playing Online we put together.


There are different VTTs, or virtual tabletops, that the GM can opt to use. We recommend Roll20 as the lowest common denominator–and also as the system we generally use locally! It’s the one we’re most familiar with. There are others, though, and they each have advantages and disadvantages. We’re not as familiar with all of them as we’d like!

If you’d like to run on something that’s not Roll20, that’s fine! We’d just ask that you advertise it on your event and be available to help players get up to speed before the slot.


We need your help! For this convention, like we’ve had for some of our larger conventions, we have a dedicated volunteer at the Headquarters (HQ) table every slot. The responsibilities are pretty simple, but someone needs to do them, and that could be you! You would get GM-equivalent rewards for doing helping out.

Please email Alex if you want to help!


Important Dates

  • 2021/03/19 COSCON 2021!