Starfinder Society Specials, Novas, and Table Requirements

Our last bulk update from Tonya was from April 29th, 2019. This is obviously not the authoritative source; check or with campaign leadership to confirm the current Special rules.

Requirement: 4+ nova GM, at any time

There are no scenarios with this requirement at this time, but we expect Into the Perplexity to fall into this category when it’s released.

Multi-Table Interactive Specials

These scenarios may be run anywhere if they meet the listed table minimum, are playing the scenario simultaneously, and are in contact with each other. Recent specials often require RVC approval to schedule. Discuss scheduling with your RVC to confirm which specials require special approval.

For now, all Starfinder Society multi-table interactives require three or more tables. For SFS #2-00 and #3-00, the intermediate tiers count as separate scenarios for purposes of replayability.