Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for January 2021

For those of us who celebrate holidays during the month of December, we wish you nothing but peace and joy. Tonight, though, our scheduling sights are set on January and beyond.

Bad News: We’re Staying Online a While

We’re going to be gaming online for at least a few months longer. As everyone knows, despite significant progress on two vaccines, it’s going to be a while until enough of the US is vaccinated to let us get back to our normal routines.

Good News: COSCON is On

On the other hand, the Circle of Swords board has decided to move forward with COSCON this March! It’ll be online, as almost everything will, but it’s happening. We’ll have more information as we get it, which also means we’ll hear about everything as the team figures it out.

That’s Basically It

We’ve got our usual listing of games below. Check them out on Warhorn.

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Virtual Victory Pointe Games: Sunday, January 3rd

  • 1 pm: PFS1 #2-01: Before the Dawn, Part 1: The Bloodcove Disguise (for levels 1-7)
  • 1 pm: SFS #1-25 The Beacon Code Dilemma (for levels 3-6) replayable

Virtual GASP Game Day: Saturday, January 9th

  • 10 am: PFS2 #2-09 The Seven Secrets of Dacilane Academy (for levels 1-4)
  • 10 am: PFS1 #2-03 The Rebel’s Ransom (for levels 5-9)
  • 4 pm: PFS2 #2-10 In Burning Dawn (for levels 5-8)
  • 4 pm: SFS #3-14 Fleeting Truth: Hollow Lies (for levels 3-6)

Virtual Victory Pointe Games: Sunday, January 17th

  • 1 pm: PFS2 Quests 1-4 (for levels 1-4); some are replayable
  • 1 pm: PFS1 #2-02: Before the Dawn, Part 2: Rescue at Azlant Ridge (for levels 1-7)

Virtual Phantom of the Attic: Saturday, January 23rd

  • 1 pm: SFS #3-13 Silence at Outpost 634 (for levels 1-4)

Virtual Heroes Ink: Saturday, January 30th

  • 1 pm: PFS2 #2-09 The Seven Secrets of Dacilane Academy (for levels 1-4)
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