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Now that Gencon 2020 is in the books, we’ve got more bandwidth to update you all on the most recent developments.

Canceled Conventions (August and Later)

SIBCON 2020 — Canceled

SIBCON, like COSCON before it, is canceled. We do not currently have plans for an online CoVcon-style convention–however, we would note that TPKon is a long-running online convention scheduled for that very same weekend. We’ll be there in 2021 of course, and we don’t expect to make any changes in our plan–if you’ve been to a recent SIBCON, the 2021 edition should look pretty similar.

Slippery Rock Con 2020 — Canceled

Slippery Rock Con is also canceled this year, without an online component. We plan to return in 2021 and our attendance should look much like our plan from 2019.

Pittsburgh Gaming Expo — Canceled

One of a batch of new conventions starting up this year in Allegheny County, Pittsburgh Gaming Expo recently canceled their 2020 debut. The Expo is now scheduled for October 9-10 2021. We’re unsure of what our participation will look like, but we do plan on attending.

Other Conventions You Might Be Interested In

September 3–7 — ReaperCon Live Online!

This is the online component of a normally in-person convention in Dallas. Alex asked if this convention was going to have a PFS/SFS component, since the usual organizers were unavailable, and in the end was asked to organize PFS/SFS for it even though it’s not a local Pittsburgh convention. We’ve been really busy, so the organization is a little bit messy and behind schedule, but we’ll try to have some good stuff scheduled there.

September 18–20 — TPKon 2020

This online convention is scheduled for SIBCON weekend.

For more information, visit TPKon.com

September 9–20 — PAX Online

This make-up convention for PAX West (and South and a few others) will run from September 9th through September 20th. We’re not sure whether PAX Online will have any PFS or SFS scheduled, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

November 20–22 — PAX Unplugged

One of the most recent of the conventions Paizo is throwing their full and official support behind (akin to Gencon and the Paizocons), the status of PAX Unplugged in late November is currently unclear. It might migrate online or PAX might just replace it with PAX Online and we’ll try again next year.

March 20–22 — COSCON 2021

We’re not 100% sure this is going to happen as scheduled, but if the best-case COVID scenario happens, we’ll be there.

More to come

We’ve got some work to do to bring our convention listing up-to-date, but it’s the best place to go to see what the current status is of the conventions we plan to support.

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