Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for February 2021

Welcome to the new year! It’s hard to avoid the observation that, so far, 2021 hasn’t been so great. That said, we’ve got some good games this January to distract you, and we’ve got some more coming in February!

We’re still working around the last bit of PFS1 Season 2 weirdness, with months of nothing but high-level scenarios all in a row, so to balance things out we’ll be jumping around a little in the scenario order. This month, that means we’ve scheduled First Steps to get lower-level characters a taste of adventure to go along with a few higher-level scenarios.

In Second Edition news, we have a delayed scenario–March will have three new adventures! That does leave us short a game, though. Thankfully, the new release this month is PFS2 2-11 The Pathfinder Trials, a level-1-only replayable adventure that was originally written as a unique multi-table interactive experience.

Because of that Pathfinder 2 drought, we’re scheduling more Starfinder scenarios to make up for it. This month has us revisiting some old favorites in SFS #1-39 The Herald’s War and SFS #1-05 The First Mandate in addition to the new releases.

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Virtual Victory Pointe Games: Saturday, January 6th

  • 1 pm: PFS1 First Steps, Part 1: In Service to Lore (for level 1 characters only) replayable
  • 1 pm: SFS #1-39 The Herald’s War (for levels 7-10)

Virtual GASP Game Day: Saturday, February 13th

  • 10 am: SFS #1-05 The First Mandate (for levels 1-4)
  • 10 am: PFS1 #2-03 The Rebel’s Ransom (for levels 5-9)
  • 4 pm: PFS2 #2-11 The Pathfinder Trials (for level 1 characters only) replayable
  • 4 pm: SFS #3-16 The Vast Experiment: Fast Choices (for levels 5-8)

Virtual Phantom of the Attic: Saturday, February 20th

  • 1 pm: SFS #3-15 Frozen Ambitions: The Preluria Connection (for levels 1-4)

Virtual Victory Pointe Games: Sunday, February 21st

  • 1 pm: PFS2 #1-22 Doom of Cassomir (for levels 1-4) replayable
  • 1 pm: PFS1 #2-08 The Sarkorian Prophecy (for levels 7-11)

Virtual Heroes Ink: Saturday, February 27th

  • 1 pm: PFS2 #2-11 The Pathfinder Trials (for level 1 characters only) replayable
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