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Sad News

Idaho’s asked me to share some news with you. His wife, Leenie, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on January 5th. Many of us knew and loved Leenie–she was a fixture in many of the games Idaho ran, and you might have seen her streaming as squish. She was a delight to be around. She will […] Read more

GASP Information: 2023

The GASP leadership sent out some information on their 2023 plans:   Hello GASP Gamers, I wanted to drop an update on what we have planned for 2023. GASP is going strong, and although we did struggle this year with attendance, it’s been solid and slowing building back up. We had a price increase in […] Read more

Coscon 2022!

Hey all, We just wanted to let you know that Coscon 2022 is live on Warhorn! We’re getting the announcement out late, but it’s running from March 18th-March 20th. We are of course looking for GMs and volunteers for HQ this year! Pittsburgh Org Play Page Warhorn We’re also going to be putting together another […] Read more

The End of Fame in Starfinder Society

This week’s Society blog is out, and it’s a big one: Starfinder Society: The End of Fame. Conversion of Fame to AcPLet’s start with the big one. When we announced this transition, we promised we’d get a way to convert your unspent fame to Achievement Points. We’re not doing that. Instead, we are outright stealing […] Read more

Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for November 2021

Welcome back to… something approaching a regular schedule! Your organizers are stretched a little thin right now, so for the time being we are running a very limited number of games. If you would like to volunteer to run an additional game that’s not on the schedule, please let us know! Sign up to play on […] Read more

The Starfinder Evolutionist Playtest is Live!

On Monday, Paizo launched the Evolutionist playtest for Starfinder! The evolutionist is a new class for Starfinder that brings to bear the power of transformation over time. As an evolutionist, you’ll become a fantastical extraplanar being, turn from mere mortal into machine, accept the powers and perils of undeath, or erupt with chimeric potential and […] Read more

Paizo changes their Society publication schedule

Last Monday, July 26th, Paizo announced a change to their Organized Play publication schedule: Moving forward, we plan to slightly reduce the number of standard scenarios released for both campaigns. Pathfinder Society will release 3 new scenarios for the season launch in August and the standard 2 new scenarios in September, November, and December. In […] Read more

Sibcon 2021 Games are Live!

Sibcon 2021 is here! Join us from September 24th to the 26th 2021 in Butler (really Lyndora) PA! The main event is Saturday, with not one, but two multi-table interactive specials! PFS2 3-99 and SFS 3-99 are linked in some way and we’re running them together. We’ve also got a seeker-level adventure, the return of the King […] Read more

Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for August 2021

Hey everyone, a couple quick updates before we get into the games. First, COVID! It looks like we’ve gotten into the “Holy %#$@! even vaccinated people can be infected by the Delta variant!” phase of the pandemic. It’s true: it seems that even people fully vaccinated can carry around a full viral load of, well, […] Read more

The Last of the PFS1 Additional Resources Updates

Well, we have what is expected to be the last PFS1e update to the Additional Resources, or AR.  This covers two of the APs (Tyrant’s Grasp and Wrath of the Righteous) as well as a couple of Campaign Settings (Concordance of Rivals, and Druma: Profit and Prophecy), plus the Player Companion Chronicle of Legend. It’s […] Read more

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