Resource update: Archives of Nethys is moving, and has launched a Starfinder database

Many of us use online resources, typically the Archives of Nethys database and the d20pfsrd site. We’ve heard some important news on the Archives of Nethys front:

Archives of Nethys has launched a Starfinder database

Blake, the maintainer of the Archives of Nethys, posted:

[Archives of Nethys: Starfinder is] not quite done. I severely underestimated the scope of changes I was in for when I planned my time to make the change, and I’ve already pushed it back a week or so from my desired launch date. As it is, there’s a few features that are still missing but should be online within the next week or two, including:

– Finishing the Sources section. Presently, the Sources area (only the Core book thus far) is limited in what types of mechanics it lists. All of the mechanics that I support will be added, as they are found on the Pathfinder side of things.

– Adding the Equipment/Vehicles sections. All of the data is in my database, but I didn’t have time this weekend to build the actual pages to display said data. I got all the other pages (about 75% of the total) online over a few days, so I don’t expect this additional contact to take long.

– Optimizing the Spells area. I got the different Class displays for Spells the way I want it, but I need to change a few things to speed up the individual Spell loads.

– More hyperlinks! (especially with the Class Builds area)

As for what’s available – Classes, Feats, Races, Skills, Spells, and Themes are done and all online. So there’s still a decent amount of content for everyone to read through while I get the rest online! 🙂

We’ve pulled this from his Patreon page, which is well-worth pledging to if you use Archives of Nethys a lot.

Archives of Nethys: Pathfinder will be changing URLs in the future

As part of the Archives of Nethys: Starfinder rollout, the Pathfinder version will be transitioning to a new URL: The new domain is live, and eventually the old domain will redirect to it.

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