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New Pathfinder Society 2 Sanctioned Content

Today, a new set of sanctioned content was published on the Paizo blog. Replacing what appears to be a temporary home on the Organized Play Foundation website, this blog is in a slightly different format and covers material in five hardcovers so far. (An adventure, the Fall of Plaguestone, is covered via its sanctioning document.) […] Read more

Resource update: Archives of Nethys is moving, and has launched a Starfinder database

Many of us use online resources, typically the Archives of Nethys database and the d20pfsrd site. We’ve heard some important news on the Archives of Nethys front: Archives of Nethys has launched a Starfinder database Blake, the maintainer of the Archives of Nethys, posted: [Archives of Nethys: Starfinder is] not quite done. I severely underestimated […] Read more