COSCON update: Scarab Sages reminder, and PFS #9-07 Salvation of the Sages

COSCON’s coming up fast and we’ve got some updates for everyone planning to play Pathfinder Society.

As you all have hopefully heard by now, the Scarab Sage faction is being retired at Gencon in August, so we’ve got COSCON set up with a bunch of the important Scarab Sage scenarios to let you play!

We have a number of the best of the Scarab Sage plot arc scheduled, including The Unseen Inclusion and the entire Destiny of the Sands series. But if you have an experienced Scarab Sage who needs a good send-off before their faction moves on, there are two scenarios you should try to get them into:

  1. #6-04 Beacon Below, available in the evening slot (7 PM – 11 PM) Saturday
  2. #9-07 Salvation of the Sages, running all day Sunday

These two scenarios are both in 7-11 tier, and they are both difficult. Beacon Below is important,  but Salvation of the Sages is the must-play: it is a capstone scenario of a type that we haven’t seen since The Waking Rune*. You  may notice that it’s “all day Sunday”—it runs long. We’ve scheduled it for the morning, officially, and we expect that it will run into the afternoon slot. Just how far into the slot, we’re not sure, but if you want to play Salvation of the Sages, please do not expect to be able to play a game starting in the afternoon slot.

That said, it is absolutely worth playing. We hope to see you there!


* for those of you who haven’t played #4-26 The Waking Rune, it is the iconic PFS challenge–an exceptionally dangerous scenario designed for experienced players who are willing to risk death in order to earn great rewards. Plan ahead, invest in consumables, make sure you have your folios and t-shirts handy, and be prepared for the greatest fight of your PC’s adventuring career. Salvation of the Sages requires balanced contributions in a way that The Waking Rune perhaps did not, but the overall difficulty is very similar.

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