Faction News: Scarab Sages Retiring at Gencon, replaced with Concordance of Elements

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For those of you who haven’t heard, John Compton dropped some important PFS news earlier this month!

Scarab Sage Faction Retiring

With the Scarab Sage meta-plot wrapped up now that Salvation of the Sages has been released, the Scarab Sage faction is retiring! What does this mean?

  1. Until Gencon (August 2nd – 5th, 2018), the Scarab Sages faction remains playable. Any Scarab Sage characters can remain in the faction.
  2. Once Gencon happens, the Scarab Sage faction retires. Any characters in the Scarab Sage faction must may change their faction, and can do so for free.
  3. Scarab Sage members who do not change factions after Gencon will continue to earn rewards as normal and retain the ability to check off faction journal card goals. However, there won’t be any new faction journal cards for the Scarab Sages.
  4. For characters with existing Scarab Sage benefits who do change into a different faction, those benefits persist. This includes traits, vanities, faction boons on chronicle sheets, and faction journal card benefits. They cannot, however, gain new Scarab Sage benefits, and cannot check off boxes or complete goals on their old faction journal cards.
  5. Now that the updated Guide has been released, Pathfinders may no longer join the Scarab Sage faction.

In the post, John posted a list of scenarios that advance the faction metaplot. If you’ve got a Scarab Sage character who’s interested in finishing up the Scarab Sage experience, Quinn is GMing parts 2 and 3 of the Destiny of the Sands trilogy at Phantom of the Attic in January and February! If you’d like to play some of the other scenarios, let us know–if there’s enough demand, we can make sure they get scheduled!

Update: January 24th, 2018

The Scarab Sage faction will be retired, but the Society team has announced that members of the faction will be able to remain in the faction after Gencon.

The Scarab Sage faction will be “replaced” by the Concordance faction

Those of you who have played parts of Season 8 may recognize the Concordance of Elements, an extraplanar group that has allied themselves with the Society. The Concordance is interested in balance, and should be a welcome home for your more nature-oriented characters, like druids, hunters, and rangers. You can learn more about the Concordance in the related blog post.

The Concordance is expected to become available for play in early 2018 has become available as of February 28th, 2018. All characters will be able to get a free faction change into the Concordance when it becomes available.

Other Faction News: Liberty’s Edge Changes

There’s also a bit of news for the Liberty’s Edge faction: it looks like we have a winner in the voting for the interim (or… next?) faction leader! Namely, although Tamrin Credence won in the voting, the totals were close enough that both Credence and Karisa Starsight will contribute to the management of the faction.

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