Updates to the Guide to Organized Play

Linda Zayas-Palmer has been hard at work and we have a new point-release of the Guide to Organized Play! She’s posted a changelog as a comment on the Concordance blog post.

Many of the changes are self-explanatory, but we’ll add some detail below.

Page 11: We added some clarification on Pregens and APL.

The change here tries to make it clearer that pregens should be chosen to match the party’s APL if possible and otherwise should be chosen to maximize the chances of the game being fun.

Page 21: This page has updated rules for which class is assumed to have crafted potions, wands, and scrolls, to determine spell level and caster level. Nothing changes if you’d already had an item crafted by a wizard, druid, or cleric, but these rules determine, say, what to do if a spell is only on the bard and bloodrager lists.

This greatly expands the table of preferred casting classes when buying potions, scrolls, and wands. This may affect existing items; we don’t yet have a clarification for what to do for those items that are now undercosted. (Or, perhaps, overcosted.)

Page 27: A short blurb on the Concordance has been added to the faction section of character creation.

We’ve covered the Concordance stuff elsewhere.

Pages 28-29: These pages have been updated to re-introduce the rule about PCs being able to use boons and prestige awards from some of the retired factions.

We’ve also added a faction-write up for the Concordance, including faction traits.

We’re still awaiting word on how to interpret this rule. At the moment, it seems to allow for some unintentional wonkiness, like being able to assign a tier 7-11 chronicle sheet immediately to a level 2 character with full level 7 gold.

We’ve covered the Concordance traits elsewhere.

Pages 30-33: We revised the Grand Lodge faction’s motto and flavor text, and updated the introductory text for several other factions to remove lingering season 8 references.

Pages 38-39: This new appendix expands the retraining rules from Ultimate Campaign to include the classes that have been published since that book’s release, as well as to introduce Pathfinder Society rules for retraining archetypes, prestige classes, and alternate classes.

Some welcome changes here to bring the retraining rules into 2018.

Page 41: We updated RVC information, including adding Jesse Davis as RVC of the Online region, and streamlined some of the text.

Congrats to Jesse!

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