The Starfinder Evolutionist Playtest is Live!

On Monday, Paizo launched the Evolutionist playtest for Starfinder!

The evolutionist is a new class for Starfinder that brings to bear the power of transformation over time. As an evolutionist, you’ll become a fantastical extraplanar being, turn from mere mortal into machine, accept the powers and perils of undeath, or erupt with chimeric potential and vital energy. Whichever path you choose, you’ll have to balance your burgeoning capacity for change with the sometimes-dangerous effects of tapping into such potential.

We don’t know what book the Evolutionist will be published in (no, not even your friendly VCs have any idea) but Paizo could definitely use our help playtesting it!

Although you’re free to playtest it in a home game at any point, you can even help playtest in a Society game. During the playtest period (August 2 through September 24) you’ll be able to play a character of your design as a pregenerated character (or pregen) assuming you follow the Society playtest rules. You’ll want to check with your GM first, though! GMs aren’t forced to allow playtest characters.

These playtests are usually fast-moving affairs, with questions and clarifications popping up weekly if not daily, and so far this has been no exception to the rule. The most important clarification announced so far is that an Evolutionist’s Evolution Points (or EP) are lost at the end of combat. You can keep up with the conversations around the class in the Playtest Forum on

When you’ve done your playtesting, you can submit your feedback either informally, through the forum, or formally, through the playtest survey. While we know that the developers check the forum, the survey is really your best shot if you want your opinion taken into account! Paizo strongly emphasizes play experience over theorycrafting, so try to get a game or two in if you can.



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