Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for June 2021

We had a lot of news this month:

Anthony Retires from Organized Play

First, we’re sad to announce that Anthony is retiring as Venture-Agent. He’s done a lot of good work for us and covered a lot of Pathfinder 1e games, and we’re definitely worse off without him. Thank you, Anthony!

Surveys Galore

Second, thank you to everyone who’s humored us by answering some of our previous surveys. We really appreciate it! We’ve learned some things:

  1. The Circle of Swords has decided to postpone SIBCON this year, in part thanks to your feedback. We’ll see you there later this year!
  2. We also got a LOT of interest in weeknight online gaming.

For more information on these, see below!

Ready for more surveys? We’ve got two more coming up soon–one’s a little further down, and the other we’ll put off for a little while longer!

Weeknight Gaming

We’re going to try some weeknight gaming starting in May! From the survey, we learned that:

  • More Pathfinder 2e players and GMs were available on Wednesdays from 7:30 to 11:30 PM ET,
  • More Starfinder players GMs were available on Thursdays from 7:30 to 11:30 PM ET, and
  • Pathfinder 1e was just as popular as PFS2 and SFS, but the schedules didn’t fit together nearly as well. We had a small consensus for Thursdays, again from 7:30 to 11:30.

As a result, we’re scheduling some weeknight games starting in May:

As a reminder, all you need to do to let us know you want to run a game is to sign up to GM that game in Warhorn! That’d be a bit of a feat for our Thursday PFS1 game that’s not on Warhorn yet, so shoot us an email instead, or talk to us on Discord! We’re happy to talk, though, especially if you’d like to check in or if you need any help.

SIBCON Postponed!

…by a week. SIBCON this year will be in person on September 24th-26th. See you then!

(No, we don’t really have any other information yet.)

Pittsburgh Con Closing Down

Jason, the intrepid organizer of Pittsburgh Con last year who converted it to Pittsburgh Con Online at the last minute, let us know that he won’t be able to continue the convention this year, and he’s closing down the organization. That leaves a hole in our schedule where we were going to put our Pathfinder 1e multi-table interactive specials, which is a problem we don’t have a solution for just yet. More info to come as we figure things out.

Pennsylvania is Reopening at the End of May

Governor Wolf has announced that most COVID-related restrictions will be ending on Memorial Day. We’re asked to keep wearing masks until 70% of adults are vaccinated, and Wolf separately noted that we need to evaluate our risk as individuals and adjust our behavior accordingly.

We know that everyone’s waiting with baited breath to get back to in-person gaming. (Us too!) We also know that gaming is high-risk: it’s an indoor activity that typically takes place in places with poor ventilation. So we can afford to be careful.

As a result, we’re not scheduling in-person gaming for June. Instead, we’re going to give the reopening time to shake out, and we’re also giving our venues time to reopen. We know this is going to be disappointing! We have good news, though: we’re looking to a staged return to in-person gaming in July. Exactly how this will work out will depend heavily on how the reopening goes, what venues are available, how safe and well-ventilated they are, and so on. We’re also looking to you all to help guide us, so we’re asking you to help by filling out a survey to tell us what you think and what you’d like us to do:

Return to In-Person Gaming Survey

That’s it!

Thanks for reading. Now, on to the games. You may notice that GASP is missing it’s PFS1 this month–with four new SFS releases, which are intended to be run in order, we ended up trying to cram them all in so we’d get the season intro in GASP’s second slot. If we can get a PFS1 GM, we’ll make up for it this month with a Thursday game.

Sign up to play on Warhorn!

New May Game

Virtual: Thursday, May 20th

  • 7:30 pm: SFS #1-36 Enter the Ashen Asteroid (for levels 1-4)

June Games

Virtual: Wednesday, June 2nd

  • 7:30 pm: PFS2 #2-18 The Fanciful March of Urwal (for levels 3-6)

Virtual Phantom Greentree: Saturday, June 5th

  • 1 pm: SFS Intro #1: The First Test (levels 1-2) Repeatable

Virtual GASP Gaming Day: Saturday, June 12th

  • 10 am: SFS Intro #2 For the Factions (for levels 1-2) Repeatable
  • 10 am: PFS2 #2-19 Enter the Pallid Peak (for levels 1-4)
  • 4 pm: PFS2 #2-20: Breaking the Storm: Bastion in Embers (levels 5-8)
  • 4 pm: SFS #4-01/Intro #3: Year of the Data Scourge (for levels 1-4) Repeatable

Virtual: Thursday, June 17th

  • 7:30 pm: SFS One-Shot #1: Band on the Run (for levels 4 pregens)

Virtual Heroes Ink: Saturday, June 19th

  • 1 pm: PFS2 #2-05 Balancing the Scales (for levels 1-4)

Virtual Victory Pointe: Sunday, June 20th

  • 1 pm: SFS #1-26 The Beacon Code Dilemma (for levels 3-6) Repeatable
  • 1 pm: PFS1 #2-07 The Heresy of Man, Part 2: Where Dark Things Sleep (for levels 5-9)
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