Introducing Premier Events: Extra Rewards for Playing Games!

With 2020 finally starting to recede into the background, your faithful organizers are doing some maintenance and upkeep to make sure everything’s still running smoothly. We’ve completed an audit of most of our events and we’re pretty sure everything’s been reported exactly once, for example, and we’re working on the yearly rollout of new dates on Warhorn and new event codes on

The big news, though, is that we’re signing up for the new premier events schedule. Each submitted venue (GASP games day, for example) will give players and GMs extra Achievement Points (AcP) one quarter of the year! During that quarter, we’ll be reporting our games on a slightly different event code, and we’re asking GMs to write the different event code on their chronicle sheets. In return, you’ll get extra points as though you were attending a convention.

We know this isn’t the easiest thing to keep in mind–we’ll try to be good about reminding you!

The extra AcP are, for now, PFS2-specific, but we anticipate Starfinder moving to a similar system sometime in 2021.

Outside of using a different event code and getting more AcP, nothing will be changing. Players won’t have to worry about it and if a GM writes down the wrong event code, c’est la vie.

If you’re really curious about the how and why of it, we put together a post here for you.

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