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Your loyal venture-officers and organizers have fallen a bit behind the announcements for a number of reasons. This is a summary of the series that should help you get up to speed on recent Organized Play updates!

Program-Wide Changes and Updates

Table Size Changes

The minimum table count for adventures that can be run with pregens is now 2, plus two pregens. If no pregens are available, for some reason (usually because the adventure is high level), the new minimum is 3 players.

Previously, the minimum was 3 players and a single pregen, or 4 players for adventures in tiers/level ranges that didn’t have pregens available.

Click here for more information on table size changes


Paizo is working to digitize their offerings and the Org Play program. That includes moving boons–including boons on chronicle sheets–to, moving guides away from the PDF format and online, and providing maps at higher resolutions–and, sometimes, in JPEG format!

Click here for more information on digitization progress and future plans

Pathfinder 2nd Edition

Changes for Season 2 PFS2 Characters

The new Season 2 guide’s been released! Fame’s going away, you should rebuild your school selection, and clerics and druids need to learn spells now. Oh, and you should also figure out where you’re from.

Click here for more information on the Season 2 changes


Core Rulebook Errata

The new errata for the CRB is out, and we need to rebuild our characters. The biggest two changes are to Enhanced Resistance and the vesk natural attack.

Click here for more information on the Starfinder errata

The New Season 3 SFS Guide

The new season 3 guide was released, including new races and languages, and a new faction.

Click here for the breakdown of the Season 3 guide

Odds and Ends

These things didn’t merit a full post, but they might apply to you:

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