Reorganized Play: The Season 3 Starfinder Society Guide

Your loyal venture-officers and organizers have fallen a bit behind the announcements for a number of reasons. This is the fifth post in a series that should help you get up to speed on the Organized Play updates!

As of last month, we got a new Starfinder Season 3 guide! What’s different?

Table Sizes

As mentioned earlier, the minimum number of players to make a legal table has been reduced.

New Races and Languages
We have new always-available races and languages! No, skittermander is not one of them:

Legal Races

  • draelik
  • formian
  • ikeshti
  • kalo
  • maraquoi
  • nuar
  • rhyphorian
  • verthani
  • witchwyrd

If you used a boon to gain access to one of these races previously, remember to grant your character an additional +2 bonus to an ability score! (See your boon text for details.)

New Languages

  • Accaran
  • Akan
  • Bolidan
  • Brenneri
  • Daimalkan
  • Dirindi
  • Dromadan
  • Embri
  • Espraksi
  • Ghoran
  • Hortaa
  • Iji
  • Izalguun
  • Koshorian
  • Lumos
  • Morlamaw
  • Orrian
  • Osharu
  • Pahtra
  • Perani
  • Quorlu
  • Raxi
  • Sazaron
  • Shimreen
  • Spathinaem
  • Telian
  • Vlakan (Spoken, Signed and Tactile)

Some of these (like Morlamaw) were previously available through scenario boons.

A new faction, of course

Ehu Hadif Ko’ra Amares of Clan Tolar, House Zye, tenth devotee from the line of Ahmu, was chosen by a player vote to become the next First Seeker. If you happen to like his agenda, you can join the cause and become a second-seeker in his service.

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