Reorganized Play: Starfinder Core Rulebook FAQ/Errata Update

Your loyal venture-officers and organizers have fallen a bit behind the announcements for a number of reasons. This is the second post in a series that should help you get up to speed on the Organized Play updates!

It has finally come to pass: the great nerf-ening of the Starfinder Core Rulebook is upon us! Actually, it’s not so bad as all of that, but a couple options have changed significantly in a negative way. Because this is officially out there, we all need to make use of our rebuilds now, and we can no longer benefit from the old versions of the character options.

The first major update is to the Vesk natural weapon. Previously, vesk gained an especially good version of weapon specialization with all natural attacks. Now, vesk gain that especially good specialization (1.5x bonus) only on the natural attack they gain from being vesk. This impacts quite a few interactions, but vesk vanguards might be hit the hardest.

The second major update is to the Enhanced Resistance feat. Previously, this would either give you DR or energy resistance in one element you chose equal to your BAB. This has been updated to state that you must choose one element to gain resistance to, or one kinetic damage type to reduce damage from (bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing)–but you don’t gain DR against the kinetic damage type, and the damage reduction you gain doesn’t stack with DR. This is a big deal for a lot of builds, so make sure you have a plan next time you play.

There are a lot of other quality-of-life changes that have less of an impact. For example, it no longer takes an action to maintain your position while flying, which now means flying creatures can full attack.

You can check out the Paizo blog post on the subject, or you can just jump straight to the errata if you like.


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