Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for May 2020

Hi everyone!

Here in the real world, we haven’t been able to do much Pathfinding lately. We’re not expecting that to change anytime soon. In the meantime, we’re slowly getting things back to normal here! We do, however, have some announcements and requests!

Signing Up for Games

If we’re lucky, we might see some opportunities reopen to us in the next few months, but spending hours in close proximity to ten or twenty of our friends for a game is unlikely to be one of them. We’re not anticipating any in-person games until July or August at the earliest.

We do have some requests, since we’ve seen a lot of full games cancel or nearly cancel because players haven’t shown.

  1. If you’re looking at a table and it’s full, sign up on the waitlist anyway! There seem to be pretty good odds that at least one or two players will drop.
  2. It’s fine to sign up if you’re not sure you can make it! If you find out you can’t, though, please let us know and drop the game from Warhorn.
  3. These games aren’t going to spontaneously turn into in-person games, unfortunately! If you’re only interested in in-person gaming, hold off on signing up until we announce we’ll be back and playing in person.

Paizocon Online

Paizocon has gone online! This free convention is open for GM signups now–player signup begins in a couple of weeks. (Yeah, you can technically sign up as a player, but we’re asking you not to.) Player signups begin at 1:00 PM Pacific on May 16th.

Roll20 Training

We’re going to continue keep adding Roll20 training to help everyone make the transition. Our next session is coming up a little quickly–we’ve got advanced mapping scheduled for tomorrow!

May Lineup of Games

Sign up to play on Warhorn!

Virtual Victory Pointe: Sunday, May 3rd

  • 1 pm: Roll20 250: Advanced Mapping

Friday, May 8th

  • 7 pm: Roll20 101: How to Play Games on Roll20

Virtual GASP Game Day: Saturday, May 9th

  • 10 am: PFS2 #1-18 Lodge of the Living God (for levels 1-4)
  • 10 am: PFS1 #1-32 Drow of the Darklands Pyramid (for levels 7-11)
  • 4 pm: PFS2 #1-19 Iolite Squad Alpha (for levels 3-6)
  • 4 pm: SFS #2-09 Bluerise Breakout (for levels 1-4)

Virtual Victory Pointe Games: Sunday, May 17th

  • 11:30 am: Roll20 101: How to Play Games on Roll20
  • 1 pm: SFS #2-21 Illegal Shipment (for levels 1-4)
  • 1 pm: PFS1 #1-48: The Devil We Know, Part 4: Rules of the Swift (for levels 1-7)

Virtual Phantom of the Attic: Saturday, May 23rd

  • 1 pm: PFS1 #1-35 Voice in the Void (for levels 1-7)
  • 1 pm: SFS #2-17: Cost of Living (for levels 3-6)

Heroes Ink Canceled this month!

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