Physical Distance Without Social Distance: New Plans for April

Hi Pathfinders and Starfinders!

We’ve already written some stuff about COVID-19 and its spread. We don’t know anything you couldn’t find online, of course. What we can do instead is shift our games online, and help you all join us there!

For the time being, we’ve moved our April games online. We’ve made a few changes to the lineup. Check it out and see what’s going on.

You’ll notice that we’re adding discord rooms to every table. To muster, log into Discord and head to that table in the Pittsburgh Organized Play server. If we’ve got a couple of tables, go to the mustering channel instead, and we’ll sort out who goes where just like we would for an in-person game.

We’re keeping GM signups open. If you’d like to sign up to GM a game, just sign up! You’ll need to build a game room. Once you’ve mustered your table, you’ll want to have them fill out a roster–start by making a copy of a template, fill out the information about the scenario, and then share it with the players so they can fill it out. Run the game, of course–and when you’re done, finish the roster (and share it with us!) and send out chronicle sheets.

We’ve put together some documentation to help! We’ll keep building this out as time allows. We’ve also started scheduling some introductory sessions to Roll20.

Healthy gaming!

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