Coronavirus and Gaming, Part 2

Hi Pathfinders and Starfinders,

Due to the coronavirus concerns that we outlined recently, the Governor has asked us to cancel all large events of 250 people or more, and has strongly discouraged us from moving forward with other social gatherings and recreational events.

Canceled Events

As a result, we are officially canceling all in-person events for the remainder of March and, we expect some or all of April. That means that:

  • Coscon is officially canceled. I have been in contact with the convention leadership and they are making it official, and they are working through the details as we speak.
  • Roundtable Con is also officially canceled.
  • Tekko has not officially canceled yet, but we are anticipating that Tekko will be cancelled.
  • We are also canceling our local game day events until further notice. That means that the following will not be happening for the immediate future:
    • Games at GASP
    • Games at Victory Pointe
    • Games at Phantom of the Attic in Greentree
    • Games at Heroes Ink

If you (like us) made hotel arrangements for one or more of those conventions, now is the time to cancel them!

What do we do in the meantime?

The team and I are working on a plan to migrate us to Roll20 in the near future. The online community is going to aid in the transition and has begun to build some tools to help. There are a lot of unknowns right now, and we’re working through those as we speak.

For now, if you are interested in joining us online and you are unfamiliar with online play, please:

  • Make a Roll20 account
  • Read up on the basics of Roll20, for example Flutter’s guide.
  • Find some interesting and distinctive images online for your characters, so we can make tokens–the online equivalent of a miniature–for your characters!
  • Test your microphone(s), and perhaps buy one if you do not have one, for common voice solutions:

We’re hoping to move some or part of Coscon online; please be on the lookout for email regarding that in the coming days.

We’re also looking at moving some or all of our upcoming games, including games this weekend, online. This is also a work in progress!

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