PFS1 Tournament Rules—March 2020

Mark Spano is interested in running a Pathfinder Society (PF1) tournament at this March’s GASP Game Day. We’re hoping this won’t be too disruptive of the scenarios we’re running, but we figure we’ll give it a shot and see how it goes!

Register for the event on Warhorn

This will be run in parallel to the normal scenario schedule.

The Rules

  • You may enter only one character into the tournament
  • Characters must be:
    • A legal, updated PFS1 character
      • You cannot create the character specifically for this event
    • Level 11 or lower
    • Exceptionally high numbers will be questioned and must be supported – have documentation on your bonuses prepared ahead of time!
      • This includes: attack bonuses, saving throw bonuses, damage bonuses, and skill modifiers
    • Familiars and animal companions will be looked at closely
  • Tournament Organization
    • Tournament style, single elimination
    • Single bracket
      • There are no separate brackets for level or different types of characters (for example, spellcasting builds and martial builds will be in the same bracket)
    • No seeding–all characters will be randomly seeded for the tournament
  • Tournament Play
    • All battles will be 1 on 1
    • Maps and starting position will be randomly selected for each battle
      • There will be multiple spots marked on each map as starting positions. Contestants will each roll a die to determine their starting position.
    • You will have 2 rounds of preparation
      • This will be done without your opponent knowing what you are doing, but each contestant must inform the judge
    • Once the battle begins, all rolls will be out in the open
  • Between Rounds
    • You will be unable to purchase items or services between matches.
    • You will not rest between matches. Spells (and slots) expended stay expended. You will be restored to full hit points, however.
    • All beneficial spells and effects end after each match
    • Negative effects that would normally last a day or more will be still in effect (such as negative levels)
    • You may cast spells between matches, however, anything with duration will expire when your next match begins
    • There is no resurrection effect allowed between rounds.

Since this isn’t a PFS sanctioned event, anything that happens to your character in this tournament won’t be official

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