Changing Times in Pittsburgh Organized Play

I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now that things are changing in the local PFS and SFS leadership.

Quinn Shannon, Venture-Captain of Pittsburgh and Campaign Coin recipient for service to the Organized Play community, has stepped back from Organized Play and retired from the role of Venture-Captain.

He and his wife, Sharon, have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into the community. I hope they’ll enjoy their “gaming retirement”—at least until they get sucked into something else.

We should thank them for their service—they sure as hell deserve it!

Quinn’s retirement from the community means you’ll be seeing other changes. I (Alex Wreschnig) am going to be stepping up, moving from Venture-Lieutenant to Venture-Captain. I can’t do this alone, so two members of the community have volunteered to step into more of a leadership role. Idaho Boros, who has been organizing games at Heroes Ink, will continue in that role but will assume the title of Venture-Agent. Anthony Ciotola will be assuming organizing duties at Victory Pointe Gaming Cafe. (We’re all acting in our new positions until such a time as the promotions are processed on the Paizo website.)

We’re still figuring everything out, so how things work next month won’t be how things work in six months. Please bear with us!

When you see Quinn, make sure to thank him for his hard work. And as for your new venture-officers, we hope to see you at a local game day!

Alex Wreschnig
Venture-Captain (Acting)

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