Starfinder Sanctioning, and Pre-Sanctioning

Starfinder Society developer Thurston Hillman (Thursty) announced today that new SFS adventure paths have been sanctioned for organized play!

Sanctioning Attack of the Swarm means that the adventure path can be run immediately in either “event” mode using SFS rules, or in campaign mode using whatever rules you want. (Within reason.)  In a surprising twist, an as-of-now unreleased adventure path was also partially sanctioned! The Threefold Conspiracy adventure path hasn’t been publicly released yet, but we’ve got chronicle sheets for the first three parts (out of six) already. On Discord, Thursty wrote that this was in part an experiment to see how sanctioning affects sales; if you want to encourage early sanctioning, it may make sense to grab an AP subscription or buy the books soon after release.

As is usual, the chronicle sheets for these adventure paths contain spoilers, particularly the Threefold Conspiracy chronicle sheets. We strongly advise against reading them if you plan on playing the adventures in the future.

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