Starfinder Additional Resources Update

The Starfinder additional resources document has been updated! As of this writing (December 16th, 2019), the web page is not completely updated, although we expect this to be true shortly. In the meantime, the Additional Resources PDF is the best place to go for an accurate listing.

What’s been added is quite a list—especially because of the long delay between updates, as well as the inclusion of the Operations Manual. We won’t go over everything, but here are some highlights:

  • The Starfinder Character Operations Manual is legal for play, with some exceptions.
    • This includes the classes in that book: the Biohacker, the Vanguard, and the Witchwarper
    •  A number of alternative class features and additional class options are available for the core classes
    • New Starship Combat roles are available that are Strength- and Wisdom-based
    • A new mechanic downtime ability to rebuild their drone (other downtime activities were not sanctioned)
  • Content from a number of recent Adventure Paths was sanctioned!
  • However, note that the Ring of Fangs was unsanctioned and is no longer legal for play.


(December 16th, 2019) The Pathfinder 2 Additional Resources document has also gone without an update in a while; the Starfinder update doesn’t necessarily mean a PFS2 AR update is on the horizon, although we are keeping our eyes open for one.

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