A New Pathfinder 1e Humble Book Bundle

Paizo and Humble Bundle have conspired to create a new Humble Book Bundle with over 40 different Pathfinder 1e sourcebooks! These are mostly in the 1e Campaign Setting line–longer softcovers focused on lore–but if you’re more interested in what PC options you can find, there are more than a few player’s companions and many of the Campaign Settings have some amount of “crunch” in them as well.

The bundle includes some of the best books Paizo’s written, making this an even better value. Because they’re lore-focused, they remain relevant in Pathfinder 2nd Edition. And much of your purchase goes to charity by default, although as usual, Humble Bundle lets you choose the ultimate distribution of your payment between Paizo, Humble Bundle, and this bundle’s charity: Rancho Obi-Wan.

The bundle is only available through the end of the year, so move quickly!

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