Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for September 2019


Now that Paizo’s announced the upcoming Starfinder scenarios, we can now get the September games out! There’s a few things to remember this month:

  • Sibcon is from September 20th to the 22nd, Friday through Sunday. Sign up at the Sibcon Warhorn here! As we have more players sign up, our need for GMs expands, and we’ve got a few openings for GMs.
  • We’re working on balancing the campaigns. For now, we’ll be starting to run PFS1 with Season 0, and we’ll be combining all three campaigns at GASP Game Days.
  • With the addition of Sibcon this month plus other scheduling conflicts, we had an inevitable collision between Victory Pointe and another game day.

See you in Golarion!
(and in space!)

Sign up to play on Warhorn!

September Lineup of Games

Heroes Ink: Saturday, September 7th

GASP Game Day: Saturday, September 14th

Victory Pointe Games: Sunday, September 15th

SIBCON 2019: Friday, September 20th to Sunday, September 22nd

Phantom of the Attic (Greentree): Saturday, September 28th

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