Last Call for Sibcon GMs!

Hey Finders!

We’re still looking for a bit of help with Sibcon this year! The first and most important thing is this year’s special. We’re still looking for one GM and a number of players in order to make this a reality–Siege of Gallowspire needs at least five tables of players, and we seem to have three tables so far. If you’re on the fence about joining us, please sign up!

The second thing is that we’re still on the lookout for some GMs. Friday afternoon is pretty well covered, but we have openings just about everywhere else. I’ll be able to cover some of them, but not all of them. We could especially use help on Saturday. Don’t forget that GMing one slot of Pathfinder 1e or Starfinder gets you a race boon and GMing three slots gets you free admission to the convention!  (GMing Pathfinder 2 nets you extra Achievement Points toward boons of your choice!)

I’m going to be making the free scenario request this Wednesday. If you sign up to GM before then, we should be able to get you free scenarios, courtesy of Paizo!

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