Pathfinder Society 1 news: replays granted!

Paizo has run the process to grant players of Pathfinder Society 1st Edition replays. More details are available in this forum thread, but to summarize:

  • PFS1 players have been granted replays. The calculation seems to have been 5 replays for every 50 adventures played*, plus GM stars, with a max of 25 plus 5 GM stars (so 30).
  • These replays are given out only once, and we won’t be getting them again.
  • Despite the user interface, these replays are only for Pathfinder Society 1st Edition.
  • These replays are being tracked on the Paizo website, but they’re not going to be exactly correct. Every time you use a replay, the number is going to go down–even if you’re using a GM star to replay. As a result, make sure you write down how many you were granted before you use any!
  • Existing replay options will continue to be available. You’ll be able to use (and recharge) GM star replays, and boons that grant replays can still be used.
  • As part of the “boon menu” for PFS2, PFS1 replays will be able to be purchased using points earned for GMing. The number of points earned per table is currently unknown, as is the prospective cost of the boon(s).

How do you find out how many replays you have? Log into your account and go to the My Organized Play page. On the GM/Event Coordinator tab, underneath your PFS and SFS table totals, you’ll see your total number of replays listed.

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