Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for June 2019

June is just around the corner, bringing Origins Game Fair, Free RPG day, and the tail end of Season 10 Content!

For starters at GASP game day, an ex-Venture Captain is on the run from the society! With some guidance from the Liberty’s Edge faction, it’s your job to track him down and bring him to justice! Slaver’s End (for levels 5-9) was written by one of our local players, Vanessa Hoskins! After chasing down the bad guys, it is the society’s mission to clear a massive section of caves in the Darklands so one specific giant chunk of Rock can bring a large group of refugees back from the Hao Jin Tapestry. Time is of the essence to clear out the caves before the Massive Mountain returns to Golarion in Countdown to Round Mountain, the final scenario in the Season 10 Hao Jin arc (for levels 7-11.)

For those of you without a higher level character, we will also be offering Faithless and Forgotten (Parts 1 and 2) alongside the other games at GASP this month!

At Victory Point, we are offering a Seeker scenario that hasn’t been offered in our local region before! All for Immortality, Part 1 (a scenario for levels 12-15) starts at 1 PM, opposite the Beggars Pearl, an adventure for levels 1-7!

Finally, at the end of the month, we will are continuing the Scoured Stars story line with 1-34 Heart of the Foe (for levels 3-6) alongside an adventure in the asteroid belt known as the Diaspora with 1-36 Enter the Ashen Asteroid!

Please keep in mind that we are continuing both Victory Pointe and Phantom of the Attic games starting at 1:00 PM —Victory Pointe because seeker content runs long, and Phantom to see how we take to an earlier schedule.

Reminders for June:

  • Phantom of the Attic in Greentree is offering 35% off of any PF2 Preorders at least 2 weeks ahead of time!
  • A Helpful Thread listing a wide variety of items that could keep you alive in Society Play
  • Painlord’s What to Expect at a PFS Table gives a wide variety of things to expect when coming to a PFS table!

See you in Golarion!
(and in space!)

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June Lineup of Games

GASP Game Day: Saturday, June 8th

Victory Pointe Games: Sunday, June 16th

Heroes Ink: Saturday, June 22nd

Phantom of the Attic (Greentree): Saturday, June 29th

Victory Pointe Games: Sunday, June 30th


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