New Guide and Faction Journal Cards released for Season 10!

The Season 10 guide and Faction Journal cards are out! Pasted below is the list of changes to this version of the Guide, as posted by Chris Lambertz:

Updated for Season of the Ten! Changes in this version as provided by the Organized Team are below.

  • Overarching: Cleaned up language surrounding the word “Adventure.” Replaced some instances of “scenario” with “adventure” when speaking about general rules, such as in the rules for applying Chronicle sheets. Quests are now officially defined as a type of adventure, and places where quests are an exception to normal adventure rules are specifically noted in the text. All added text to establish these exceptions is listed below.
  • Page 5: Clarified that rules reprinted in full on Chronicle sheet may be used in place of an accessible copy of their rulebook source.
  • Page 12: Specified that characters in The Concordance can use Osirion faction missions in Season 0–2 scenarios. Clarified the rules for Campaign Mode credit to allow credit to be applied to characters of the same level and to make it clear that Campaign Mode characters do not need to spend resources on their Chronicle sheets to remove negative conditions.
  • Page 15-16: Revised the rules for applying Chronicle sheets to better accommodate purchasing items between sessions.
  • Page 18: GM star replays can be used with any adventure that awards a single XP-granting Chronicle sheet, not just with scenarios.
  • Page 20: Clarified that characters who die and are raised during a quest need only complete one encounter to receive full XP for that quest, rather that three encounters (which would be impossible in a typical quest).
  • Page 23: Clarified the rules for plane shift and tuning forks.
  • Page 26: Added the Vudrani ethnicity to the list of ethnicities that grant a specific starting language (in this case, Vudrani). Added Samsaran to the list of races that gain Tien as a language if they are from Tian Xia.
  • Page 36: Added the following sentence to the description of Downtime, “The length of this downtime is not defined, allowing PCs time to rest, recuperate, and recharge items like staves.” Clarified that a quest series counts as one adventure for the purposes of Downtime.
  • Faction Appendix: Updated the season goals of all factions, as well as the leader of the Liberty’s Edge faction. Removed the Scarab Sages from the list of active factions, and added a paragraph describing its function as an inactive faction.
  • Page 40: Cleaned up the language regarding Pathfinder Tales boons to better reflect the multiple existing boon formats. Added faction pin benefits for The Concordance. Established that you cannot use the reroll benefit from wearing or using specific Paizo-related products on the same roll that you also use another reroll ability. Clarified that rolling a natural 1 does not mean you cannot use a reroll.
  • Glossary: Added Quests to the definition of adventure.
  • Page 46-50: Added the Story So Far as an appendix to the Guide. Updated the entry for Season 9 and added an entry for Season 10.
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