Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for September 2018

September’s coming up, and with it comes Pathfinder Society!

There are a few differences this month. First, we’re going to be at SIBCON over the weekend of September 7-9th! This means that we will not be running Pathfinder Society at GASP in September.

We also want to specifically call out a table of #9-25 Betrayal in the Bones at Victory Pointe—we’re excited that we get to run this locally! Betrayal in the Bones is for levels 12-15 and there are no pregenerated characters available in that range, so if you play, make sure you have a level 12+ character!

Finally, the elephant in the room: now that Gencon has wrapped up, Pathfinder 2 has entered the open playtest phase! We’re still wrapping our heads around the playtest rules ourselves, but you can learn more about the playtest on the playtest page, you can learn how Society is handling playtest credit on the Paizo blog, and our own Mark Spano has been linking to and discussing playtest information on our Facebook page.

In addition to PFS-style scenarios, Paizo published what is basically a module, Doomsday Dawn, specifically for the playtest. Each part of Doomsday Dawn requires that the players build a character at a given level and play through an adventure. Paizo’s split the Doomsday Dawn playtest into phases to try to focus feedback. The first phase focuses on Part 1, The Lost Star, and wraps up August 26th! Because Doomsday Dawn does not fit easily into PFS slots, at this time we do not yet have plans to schedule those adventures. Our first playtest scenarios are scheduled to run at SIBCON, though, and depending on your feedback we may start working more Pathfinder 2 into the schedule locally!

See you in Golarion!
(and in space!)

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September Lineup of Games

SIBCON 2018: September 7th-9th

Visit us at SIBCON 2018!

No PFS at GASP Game Day (Saturday, September 8th)

We will not be running games at GASP in September. Make sure you join us this month in August, and we’ll see you back at GASP in October!

Phantom in the Attic (Greentree): Saturday, September 22nd

Victory Pointe Games: Sunday, September 30th

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