Roll20 and Paizo Partner Up

Roll20 and Paizo have announced a long-rumored and expected licensing deal. The first content is Thurston Hillman’s installment of War for the Crown, Crownfall, which is now available for preorder and will be released on March 22nd.  According to Polygon, Starfinder content will follow later this year. We’ll be looking to see if we get any bonus art for characters who need tokens, but who don’t have art provided in Crownfall—this might also prove to be a barometer of how closely the two companies are working together.

Another thing we’ll be looking towards is the character sheet. In Roll20’s blog on the topic, a character sheet was mentioned:

In addition to the new Adventure Path, the Pathfinder character sheet will be available for early preview to Pro subscribers on March 6th and free for all subscribers on March 22nd.


Roll20 already has a Pathfinder character sheet, and although it is community-supported and has seen its share of complaints it also has an exceptional feature-set. Is this going to be an update to the existing sheet? A completely new sheet? Will it match the functionality of the existing sheet? There are lots of unanswered questions, and we’ll update this as more information becomes available.

Update: February 28th

An eagle-eyed friend of ours points out that Roll20 previewed the Pathfinder sheet on Twitter, and it is in fact a new sheet! It looks much different from previous incarnations and should be simpler to use. Whether we can transfer characters from the old sheet to the new sheet, or use the new sheet in rooms we’ve already built with the old sheet, however… that’s going to be a big question.

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