FAQ Tuesday: More Ultimate Wilderness

The design team has posted two more FAQs related to Ultimate Wilderness. First, we have a fix for a feat:

Animal Ferocity: The ferocity prerequisite of animal ferocity seems to do what the feat does and more? How should it work?

Animal Ferocity lets you take a full attack while disabled, but all attacks are at a –5. You can’t take any other full-round actions aside from full attack (for instance you can’t charge or cast a spontaneous metamagic spell). This will be reflected in the next errata.


Second, we have another fix for the Oozemorph archetype:

Oozemorph and Items: I know I don’t have any item slots as an ooze, but what about items that take 24 hours to attune? Can I just never use those items?

An oozemorph can carry items floating in its mass that are considered to be attuned. When it turns into a humanoid form via fluidic body, it can equip any number of those items (even armor, which usually takes time to don), leaving the rest on the ground in its space. If it turns into a animal via fluidic form, the items meld into the new form and grant some passive benefits, as normal for polymorph effects.

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