Don’t Throw Out Your Old Regional Support Program Card

Our dedicated GMs might remember that PFS’sĀ Regional Support Program–the game day GM rewards program–ran from last February to this January. February’s almost here, and news is starting to trickle out about updates to the program.

The new boons aren’t out yet (Organized Play leadership expects to have them by February 1st), but once February comes around, don’t throw out your old boons. It turns out that you’ll still be able to check boxes off on your 2017/2018 card if it isn’t complete.

The relevant quote:

Last year, we indicated the Regional Support Program would run from 1 Feb 2017 to 31 Jan 2018, and that we would evaluate it for renewal heading into Feb 2018. The program last year met our goals of getting convention style benefits into GMs hands and promoting play in local stores and communities. Thus we will continue it for the 2018/19 cycle. At this point, John, Linda, and Thurston are putting the final touches on the new package and we hope to have it available for download to Venture-Officers by the end of the month. Qualifying events start 1 Feb. If you are unsure what is needed to run the program, visit our policy page for more information.

We received feedback from participating GMs who noted that not everyone completed their 2017/18 cards and that they would appreciate a chance to get their rewards for running games over the past year. The team discussed the issue and is extending the completion deadline for 2017/18 cards. During the 2018/19 RSP season, a GM may choose to check a box on their old card or their new card for every game run. Only one box may be checked per game. This change only applies to completing cards. No 2017/18 cards may be issued after 31 Jan 2018.

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