Convention Updates

This weekend’s brought us a number of updates to our favorite local conventions. To help keep everything straight, we’ve added a conventions page and we’ll try to keep it updated throughout the year.

COSCON 30 / 2018

Circle of Swords has announced the opening of preregistration for the 30th incarnation of COSCON, the convention with the best Pathfinder Society attendance in the region. In 2018, COSCON will run from March 16th to March 18th. Preregistration has opened on Warhorn as of Saturday, January 6th (it may have started in earlier, in December) and you can preregister up until March 2nd. Payments for registration are accepted via Paypal.

PFS events aren’t yet up, but we’ll announce them when they are.

SIBCON 23 / 2018

Along with the preregistration announcement for COSCON, Circle of Swords announced dates for SIBCON XXIII: September 7th through 9th.


Don has provided an update on the status of GASPCON, and while we almost certainly won’t be seeing another large GASP convention, it’s not all negative:

I know there are a lot of questions about the future of GASPcon, and I wish I had more information to share. I will say that we were actively looking for a venue in 2017, but could not find one that fit our space needs within our budget. We will continue to explore options for 2018, but we are not planning at this time to hold a large convention this year. One option may be to have an extended gaming weekend, maybe at a large fire hall. We think the costs could be kept low, and allow most of the features we had at previous GASPcons.

Be assured if we do secure a venue, we won’t be keeping that info a secret! We’ll share any news we have as soon as details are confirmed. For now, I ask you to come out and enjoy our monthly Games Days and help keep the club going that way.

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