Humble Book Bundle Features Pathfinder and Pathfinder Society!

Thanks to the latest Humble Book Bundle, announced today, you have 13 days (plus some) to pay a low low cost for big set of Pathfinder books, modules, scenarios, and comics! While there’s a lot of good stuff in here—core books, Worldscape, maps—this bundle also nets you a number of scenarios, including every scenario from the fourth season of Pathfinder Society. That’s pretty exciting–Season 4 is arguably the best season published so far.

For those of you into more physical mediums, there’s even a physical tier that nets you unpainted resin Ninja Division miniatures. These miniatures are mostly Conan characters, but the set includes a preview resin miniature of the iconic envoy from Starfinder! That tier also gets you four physical copies of different Pathfinder Worldscape issues, for those of us who are fans of the comics.

You’ve got until October 25th to buy in. Get yours while you can!

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