Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for September 2017

Greetings, Pathfinders!

Along with autumn, September brings with it some new games. We’re offering not just Pathfinder Society, but starting this month, we’ll have Starfinder Society games available!

Do note that because of Sibcon, we’re not anticipating having any PFS at GASP this month. We apologize for any inconvenience. Join us at Victory Pointe and Phantom of the Attic this month, and if you can, come north to Butler to see us at Sibcon!

We’re Starting Starfinder Society This Month

We are! This month, we’re running SFS #1-00 and SFS #1-01 at Sibcon, and SFS #1-02 locally at both VP and PotA. This is not the Pathfinder rules in space; this is a new system with different rules from Pathfinder, although they are similar in many ways.

September Lineup of Games

Victory Pointe Games, Sunday, September 17th

This month instead of a Pathfinder Society scenario, we’re running Heroes of Highdelve, a short module that one of our players, Patrick, picked up for us while he was at Gencon. (Thanks!) It’s intended for a specific set of level 1 pregens we’ll provide, but you can also play with a regular level 1 or 2 Pathfinder Society character. If you play a pregen, you can get 2 prestige, and if you play a unique character, you can get 1 prestige.

Phantom in the Attic (Greentree), September 30th

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