The Pathfinder Society FAQ has been updated!

The Pathfinder Society FAQ was updated late today. In the blog post summarizing the changes, Linda Zayas-Palmer summarized the changes. Some of the most important clarifications and changes:

  • The FAQ now explicitly says that electronic access to the PRD, combined with access to your Paizo downloads page you have purchased an electronic (PDF) copy of the material, is sufficient to use said material.
  • You can now earn faction rewards when playing pregenerated characters, as if they were a member of the faction of the character who is receiving credit for the adventure.
  • The poison rules were cleaned up to allow other classes (and races: hello Vishkanya Pathfinders!) to purchase poisons. The list of poisons was also expanded.
  • The rules for upgrading items have been relaxed–slightly. You can now upgrade generic magic items into any magic item whose magic properties are a superset of the original magic item’s properties. It has to be about the same type of thing; for example a Belt of Dexterity +2 could be upgraded into a Belt of the Weasel. For more specifics read the post. You are still not allowed to upgrade to different materials, nor are you allowed to upgrade specific magic arms and armor.
  • If ammunition appears on a chronicle sheet, you may now buy it as any type of ammunition, including shuriken.
  • Scrolls became somewhat more limited. You may now only have a maximum of 6 spells per scroll.
  • The FAQ on companions has been revised and clarified.
  • An FAQ has been added to make doubly official that you can retrain choices you made for your animal companion.

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