COSCON registration closes tomorrow! Also: looking for a few (more) good GMs

Just a reminder, registration for COSCON 2017 is scheduled to close tomorrow! (That’s Friday, March 3rd.) We’re still looking for GMs for a few scenarios, too. If you’ve been thinking about dipping your toes in the water, a convention is a pretty good time to do it–GMing a slot earns you this season’s convention boon, plus scaling rewards from the COSCON organizers!

Scenarios that could use an extra GM:

  • Forged in Flame Part 1 might need a GM (tier 5-9, Saturday Slot 3, has one GM but is currently at 7 players)
  • What Sleeps in Stone (tier 7-11, Saturday Slot 3, has one GM but is currently at 9 players)
  • Shadows Fall on Absalom (tier 7-11, Sunday Slot 1, has 3 players and no GM)
  • To Seal the Shadow (tier 1-5, Sunday Slot 1, has 13 players and 2 GMs)
  • Faithless and Forgotten Part 3 (tier 1-5, Sunday, Slot 2, has one GM but is currently at 8 players)
  • Hrethnar’s Throne (tier 5-9, Sunday Slot 2, needs TWO GMs and has 8 players)

GMing is a good way to contribute to the community and it can also get you some pretty cool stuff. These are also some excellent scenarios! If you’re interested, sign up on the COSCON Warhorn.

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