New scenario added to this weekend’s GASP schedule

VictoryCon 2016 is in the books! We hope¬†everyone who joined us had a good time, and now it’s time to turn our attention to the next GASP Game Day. Andrew’s added a scenario to the schedule, a 1-5 for those who don’t want to play the new 5-9 that’s been scheduled in that slot:

I have just added 5-01: The Glass River Rescue (levels 1-5) to the GASP Game Day coming up next Saturday the 9th at 4-9pm. This is an excellent scenario; one of my favorites to GM.

If you want to play but there is a wait-list forming, please sign up anyway. Pittsburgh is lucky to have an abundance of enthusiastic and talented GMs, and I can always get someone to step up, including myself.

The next GASP Game Day is Saturday, July 9th and the games begin at 10:00. Signups are handled on Warhorn.

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