Viewing: January 2018

The COSCON XXX 2018 schedule is live!

Coming up in the middle of March is COSCON, the Circle of Swords annual gaming convention at the Greater Butler Vagabonds Hall in Lyndora, PA! Now, one of this year’s plot twists is the retirement of the Scarab Sages faction at Gen Con (August 2-5 2018) this year! In an effort to make sure that […] Read More

March 2018 Games

Hello again from the Pittsburgh PFS group! It doesn’t look like we’re able to keep our March games under wraps, so we’ll announce them publicly and give everyone a chance to sign up. March will feature a return of the two tier 3-7 evergreens and two new scenarios, each of which has ties to previous […] Read More

Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for February 2018

Welcome to the depths of winter from your friendly local Pathfinder Society! As hands go numb and pipes start to freeze, it can be nice to forget about all of that and hang out somewhere warm and play a game with friends. We have games for February up and hope to see you there! Our […] Read More

GASP Game Days for 2018

Don, leader of the Gaming Association of Southwest Pennsylvania (GASP), has sent out an email containing updates on GASP game days in 2018. Parts of the email may be of interest to Pathfinder Society attendees. GASP Game Day Dates The GASP team tries to schedule game days on the second Saturday of each month, and […] Read More

Convention Updates

This weekend’s brought us a number of updates to our favorite local conventions. To help keep everything straight, we’ve added a conventions page and we’ll try to keep it updated throughout the year. COSCON XXX 2018 Circle of Swords has announced the opening of preregistration for the 30th incarnation of COSCON, the convention with the […] Read More