Starfinder Repeatable Adventures

Repeatable Adventures

Page last updated March 20th, 2020.

What exactly are repeatable adventures?

The majority of adventures are intended to be played once. However, a few adventures are designated Repeatable allowing for unlimited replay (and GM credit) with the restriction that a specific character can only get credit once. Replayable scenarios are given the tag Repeatable which will be listed on their product page and on the second page of the scenario PDF. Some Adventure Paths have a repeatable for a portion of their sanctioned content which you can find in the Rules and Chronicle sheets for the specific Adventure Path which are generally found on the Additional Resource page and the respective Adventure Path product pages.

List of Repeatable Adventures

Non-standard Tier Scenarios

Tier 1-4 Scenarios

Tier 3-6 Scenarios

Limited Repeatables

Adventure Path Books