Pathfinder Society 2e Roster

A roster for Pathfinder Society 2nd Edition games.

Latest Version: 1.2

What Is This?

This is a Google Sheets template you can use much like the reporting sheets found in the back of most scenarios. Like many other custom rosters, this does more than simply track the information you need to report a completed scenario. It’s a little more than a reporting sheet.

You’re welcome to print it, but it’s probably going to look really terrible. Instead, this is intended for use online through Google Sheets.

Sheet Instructions

  1. While viewing the template in your desktop or laptop browser, go to File > Make a Copy
    • Update the name and location you want to copy the sheet to, and hit Okay
  2. Fill out the information for this play session
    • scenario information, including level range
    • GM information
  3. Share the document
    • In File > Share, click “Get Shareable Link”
    • Make sure that users with the link “can edit” (the default is “can view”)
  4. Once the adventure’s complete, you can also use it to track your progress reporting and providing chronicle sheets
    • You can also change the sharing settings to “Can View” to prevent post-hoc changes to the file
  5. Don’t reuse this spreadsheet! Just make another copy from the template!

Other Tricks and Notes

  • If you want to customize the sheet, you can make a copy, save it to your own drive, and then base your new roster sheets on your saved version.
  • Much of the sheet is protected; only the owner can edit the metadata and the GM row, even if you allow your players to edit the sheet. In order to have full editing permissions—for example, to update their GM information—that person needs to either:
    • Make their own copy of the sheet, or
    • You (the owner of the sheet) need to alter or remove the sheet protection from the sheet. This is located under Tools > Protect Sheet.
  • If you store all of your rosters in the same directory in Google Drive and start their names with the date (in YYYY/MM/DD format, like 2018/03/25) you get a chronological record of games you’ve GMed.

Changelog from 1.1 to 1.2

Sheet cleanup and day job

  • Sense Motive has been removed (because we use perception in 2e!)
  • In place of Sense Motive, day job and proficiency have been added.
  • Removal of data validation in little-used fields

Changelog from 1.0 to 1.1

Pathfinder Society policy change is represented on the sheet.

  • Pathfinder Society (2nd Edition) games are no longer supposed to allow 7 players, and have a maximum of 6. (This is strongly encouraged for now, but becomes mandatory later.) To account for this, the sheet has been changed to list 6 players as the maximum. The “danger zone” of the 7th player has been removed. For the time being, we are retaining the GM-only fields for the 7th player.